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What are the costs of treating or removing a tree?

Regardless if whether or not you chose to treat your ash tree to protect it from emerald ash borer (EAB), there will be a cost.

Tree removal and replacement costs

Ash trees that are not treated with an appropriate insecticide usually die of EAB attack, and need to be removed before they become hazardous. The cost of ash tree removal depends on factors such as the size of the tree and how complicated it is to remove (e.g. trees close to buildings or overhead wires are more expensive to remove). The tree stump will also need to be removed, this may be at an additional cost. Ash trees that are not removed promptly after they die can become fragile and more expensive to remove. In urban areas, the cost of removing an ash tree and replacing it with a new tree can be expensive - current estimates in southern Ontario are $700-1500 per tree.

Tree treatment costs

The costs of treating a tree with TreeAzin™ insecticide will depend on the size of the tree, and how many trees are to be treated. Each TreeAzin™ service provider sets their own price, however, as of 2013 the cost was approximately $5 per cm of tree diameter (measured at chest height), per treatment. For example, a 30 cm diameter tree would cost approximately $150 to treat once. The provider may charge a minimum price for a treatment visit, so it may be more economical to treat more than one tree. Trees may need to be treated yearly at first, and then are treated every other year until the EAB population decreases (the current estimate is treatment over a 6-10 year span).

To obtain an accurate quote for treatment, provide the TreeAzin™ provider with the diameter at chest height of each tree to be treated. To measure the diameter at chest height of your tree, use a flexible measuring tape to measure the circumference of the tree at 1.3 metres above the ground. Multiply the circumference by 0.32 to obtain the tree diameter at chest height.

Finding a service provider

For tree removals, read more about hiring tree care services before obtaining quotes. Only licensed TreeAzin™ applicators can provide the insecticide treatment. For either treatment or removal, it is ideal to get two to three quotes for before selecting a service provider.

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