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What should I know about TreeAzin™ treatment?

If your tree is healthy, is treated before or shortly after being attacked by emerald ash borer (EAB) and treatment conditions are satisfactory, there is a good chance that treatment will be successful. There is no guarantee that insecticide treatment will prevent a tree from being killed by EAB, but without it the tree will die.

One treatment is not enough. An application of TreeAzin™ will protect the tree for a maximum of two years, so treatment needs be be repeated every other year. To continue to protect the tree, treatment needs to be continued until the population of EAB declines; this is estimated to take six to ten years.

If you have decided to have the tree treated, and EAB is in your area, do not delay. Ideally, the treatment should be done after the tree blooms in the spring and before EAB emerges. Depending on where you live this is between late May and June. Treatment can be applied until the end of August.

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