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Where is emerald ash borer from and how did it get here?

Emerald ash borer (EAB) is native to parts of Asia including eastern China, Japan, Korea and Russia, however, it is most commonly found in China. EAB arrived accidentally in North America and was probably transported here in solid wood packaging material. The beetle was first identified in North America in 2002 when it was reared from infested trees near Detroit, Michigan. Subsequently, Canadian authorities were contacted and efforts were made to find the insect in Canada; it was detected in Windsor, Ontario that same year. When EAB was first discovered in North America there were already millions of trees affected, suggesting that the insect had been in this region for at least ten years before it was first discovered. Despite large-scale attempts by CFIA to eradicate the beetle and to stop its spread into the rest of Ontario, the beetle quickly expanded its range, probably aided by the movement of infested firewood and nursery trees.

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